Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Weekend Photo Dump

Great things happened this weekend. We visited my parents new house. They moved back the seven miles to the town I grew up in. Their old house was fine but this time I really felt like I was going "home".  Icie saw my brother, sister, and nieces for the first time since June 2011.  My brother is rocking a Movember look and Icie didn't even freak out. My parents treated Dave and I to our first date since June 2011. We were so thankful.  They gave us their Lyle Lovett tickets and watched the girls.  Annie got more bonding time with her cousins.  Icie learned how to brush my mom's horse.  We made a family trip to the zoo. Icie had an awesome birthday party, complete with an awesome Brave cake.  Annie only screamed for about two hours out of the 14 hours we spent in the car.  Icie rocked the car ride.  I got to meet my friend's sweet sweet baby girl.  My dad and Dave enjoyed a Pitt basketball game.  I'd like to think that during one of the few political conversations that were had my dad enjoyed having his favorite child and political ally home.  
Today we are missing everyone so badly already that I thought I'd do a massive photo dump with all my favorites from the weekend.  I took most of them, my dad took a few, and I edited them all. Enjoy the Pittsburghness of it all!

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