Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sunday, after several near heart attacks Dave and I made the executive decision that a new highchair was in order for Miss Annie.  We had THIS chair from Ikea for Icie, and Annie was using it just fine until about two weeks ago.  We loved our little Ikea chair, Annie not so much. The little lady decided it was time to escape it by any means necessary.  We tightened the strap. We wedged in  the support cushion to make the space really tight.  Annie was not deterred.  A five point harness was the only option we came up with that would work.  I needed to be able to get up during meal time and grab essentials without the fear of Annie launching herself across the room.  
We sat through one last eek-worthy breakfast and headed out to find a deal on a highchair.  We went to Babies R Us and Meijer before landing on a sturdy, five point harness, affordable option.  We really weren't expecting to be out and about as long as we were, but Babies R Us didn't have what we wanted in stock.  We also decided to grab a couple of Christmas gifts at the store next to Babies R Us. 
Once our actual mission was accomplished it was close to lunch. Dave suggested hitting the mall food court so Icie could get some of her favorite noodles.  
I wasn't sure of Santa's hours or if he was even officially on duty.  I hadn't dressed the girls for pictures. Santa was there and ready and there was no line.  I told the voice in my head that was whining about matching outfits and hair bows to shut up.  Icie ran right up to Santa and sat down. As soon as Santa was settled with Icie, I kind of just threw Annie on his lap.  We are going through the stranger danger stage with Annie, so I was prepared for screams.  The girl working the camera was excellent, she shot about 10 pictures before Annie realized that she was not with me or Dave.  Icie was talking away to Santa, so this was the best picture we got of both of them.  No really great smiles but at least there was no screams.

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