Friday, December 28, 2012

10 Months

The little lady is ten months today.  We just got back from our trip to Pittsburgh and Miss Annie is on the move. We all had a great Christmas.  Annie is taking at least 10 steps at a time.  Ten months old and absolutely no fear has lead to a few bumps and bruises and her first official shiner.  The bumps haven't stopped her though, she continues to have no fear.  I have a feeling that crib tent will be on our shopping list sooner rather than later.   On the sleep front, it's still hit or miss for number two, some nights we get a 7 hour stretch, most nights it's more like 4.  The good thing is that she is back to sleep quickly and it's usually just some snuggling and a binky replacement that does the trick. 
Traveling really isn't Annie's thing.  If the ride is more than an hour or so she gets very frustrated.  The six plus hour drive to Pittsburgh was a little testy, but we managed.  Dave and I gave ourselves the gift of a brand new mini van for Christmas and it was much more comfortable for everyone involved.

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