Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Unedited and in Bullet Points

Three days into 2013 and I haven't said a proper goodbye to 2012.  I decided to pick my favorite unedited from each month to give a very eventful year one last look.  

  • Abuela and Tia Regla visit.
  • Icie is fully potty trained.
  • I learn the ins and outs of gestational diabetes.
  • Dave recovers from a nasty herniated disc surgery.
  • The wait is over on February 28th Antonia Tomasa arrives.
  • Papa turns 50.
  • Dave turns 40.
  • Grandma and Papa send Icie the supplies for her first pet, Sonny the Beta, joins our crew.
  • Annie makes her first trip to Pittsburgh.
  • Annie rolls over.
  • Icie gets a new "pirate girl" room.
  • Icie learns to spell her name.
  • Annie crawls.
  • I meet my goal of breast feeding Annie until we start solids.
  • Icie goes to school.
  • I have my first ever "real" surgery.
  • Annie is an elephant for her first Halloween.
  • Icie and I and have a blast during her first Halloween that she really "gets it"
  • Icie turns 4. 
  • Annie starts pulling herself up and cruising the furniture.
  • We make our first trip to Pittsburgh (all four of us) in 18 months.
  • Annie starts eating table foods.
  • Annie takes her first steps.
  • Dave and I surrender our cool cards officially and buy a mini van and fall in love.
  • Icie understands the concept of "Santa is watching, you better be good" and I pound my head against the wall a little less frequently.
  • We celebrate our first Christmas as a family of four.
  • Uncle Pabby and Nessa come to send 2012 on it's way.

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