Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 So, all around blog land since the new year hit I'm seeing tons of people post about their intentions for 2013.  Using the word intention as opposed to resolutions gives you full permission to failure. Boom, pressure off, and I could use a little less pressure.  Bullet points relieve pressure too, so here goes.

  • I intend to reclaim my living room this year. See above picture, no words needed.
  • I intend to write more.
  • I intend to take more pictures, good pictures, well thought out pictures. 
  • I intend to find more of that elusive thing called sleep.
  • I intend to find a real skin care regiment. My skin is a hot mess, uggh.
  • I intend to actually make a chore chart and stick with it.
  • I intend to do more actual meal planning.
  • I intend to add some more recipes to my "mastered" list. (inspired by THIS blog post)
  • I intend to spruce or have someone spruce up the blog for me.
  • I intend to learn more about Photoshop.
  • I intend to be more patient.
  • I intend to explore more of the "now what?".

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