Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Oral Hygiene Really All That Great?

It is whine time in the house today.  Every ten seconds there has been a new variation of "I'm bored." being spewed in my direction.  
Just after Dave left for his marathon day of work, I was walking around eating a spoonful of peanut butter, don't judge it was reduced fat.   Icie had given up on whatever she was doing and decided to follow me in full out whine.  I'm not even positive what she was saying, it had reached that level of ridiculous. I glanced at her every few seconds to make sure she was not in fact dying and kept about my business.  I said more than a few times, "I'm sorry Ice, what exactly is it that you need?".  I was met with more whining and most of it peppered with "But, but, but, I just...", before it trailed off into more general whining. 
My spoonful of peanut butter was gone and I was headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Icie was still trailing me, still whining away. I took a deep breath, leaned in close to her held her little cheeks in my hands so I had her eye contact.  I started talking slowly, deliberately, and right in her face. "Ice, babe,  I'm sorry you are so grumpy, WHAT DO YOU NEED?" 
She grimaced, turned, and ran to the living room mumbling, "Never mind mom, I'm okay."  
A few seconds later she was singing and playing and having a blast with her toys.  
My peanut butter/morning breath had totally scared her away. 
I considered not brushing my teeth and using it as my secret weapon today for a moment.  Then I shuffled into the bathroom and reluctantly started scrubbing my teeth.  
I enjoyed my one "parenting freebie" for the day and headed back into the trenches. 

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