Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here Comes The Sun, Maybe?

It's been such a long, boring, cold winter.  Today we got a teeny tiny taste of decent weather.  Icie and I had a little date when Dave got home from work.  We got home just in time to spend about fifteen minutes outside before the wind whipped up and made it uncomfortable again.
The weather report for the weekend shows a little more improvement and I am hopeful.  The more time we are able to spend outside the better.  
There really isn't a whole lot to report around here.  I really would love to have something to write.  Our days have become a really boring routine.  Breakfast, playtime, lunch, car ride, movie, dinner, playtime, bath, bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.  
The afternoon car ride has become our high light of the day.  Sometimes there's an actual purpose to the ride, a stop at the post office or the bank, but most days it's just "exploring".  Annie naps, Icie and I chat and listen to Radio Disney.  We drive around neighborhoods we've never seen.  We look for rumble strips.  We check both rivers to see if they are still frozen.  Sometimes we take Dave a coffee and say hi to everyone in the office.  Some days the ride is just an excuse for me to be able to strap both kids down.  Annie is more mobile and driving Icie crazy and vice versa.  They shove each other, steal toys, and scream.  Annie bites, Icie screams, Annie screams, Icie shoves.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  So by the time lunch rolls around, I grab a bink for Annie and a sippy cup for Icie and run to the garage door.  
Today provided a glimmer of hope, that soon instead of running to the garage we'll be opening the back door to play.  

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