Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

There was a sleepy bunny.
Eggs were dyed.

Most of our Easter weekend was spent do major sprucing around the house. Dave and I worked as a tag team.  I shopped, Dave built what I bought.  Dave hung out with the kids while I organized.  I hung out with the kids while Dave hung curtains.  We sorted and bagged a bunch of things for donation.  Icie donated a huge bag of toys.  As she would drop a toy into the bag, she would kiss it goodbye and say, "A kid is really going to love you.".   It was very sweet.  A tantrum was quickly thrown, and my basking in my excellent parenting skills was short lived. 
Annie is cutting a ton of teeth and spent most of her time this weekend clinging to one of us or trying to sleep it off.  We did manage to dye eggs and take the required bunny ear picture.  

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