Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sigh, Finally.

Spring has been so slow on the draw this year.  My creativity is zapped.  Cabin fever is not even near an adequate description for the crazy that has taken over our house.
Monday we got a much needed break.  The forecast had called for a high in the sixties, but rain all day.  The morning looked iffy.  The sky was overcast in one direction and almost sunny in the other direction.  We had some drizzle in the morning, but by lunch time it looked as though the afternoon maybe decent. 
The girls and I went and did some shopping, and half way through our walk around the plaza, for the first time all year we were able to go jacket-coat(Icie never ever calls it a jacket or a coat, it's always always a jacket-coat) free.  It was amazing.
We ate dinner at Sonic with the windows open. We came home and played outside in the driveway for an hour before bath time. 
Our whole neighborhood seemed to be breathing a sigh of relief.  Our street is typically really quiet, because there are no houses built on the lots across the street just yet.  There are only five houses on our block.  The street makes a loop back to the main part of our subdivision, so a lot of people walk the empty loop with their kids and dogs.  
Icie loved dancing around the driveway and running to the end to greet each new passerby.  Annie followed her lead. 
It just felt so good.  I can't wait until we get a good enough streak of weather so that we can end everyday like that.  

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